Himalayan Rock Salt Guaranteed Quality Supplier

We are the well known Himalayan Rock Salt Supplier. We deal with the Bulk Supply of Natural Rock Salt and Rock Salt Handy Craft Products Lamps, Tiles, Blocks, Salt Cooking Plates/tiles, Animal Salt Licks etc. We work with the world’s second largest salt mine. We are the shareholder in the Himalayan salt mines and we have a basic mission to supply the most precious mineral to the people.

Himalayan Rock Salt Natural Lamps

We want to introduce a whole new world of salt by providing amazing products made up of transparent solid salt. These products are manufactured by the top quality manufacturers who demand pure Himalayan Rock Salt from us. Himalayan rock salts are actually formed by primordial ocean during a time of great tectonic pressure over 250 million years ago and has perfect, crystal structure. These crystals, contains the 84 minerals and trace elements which are easily absorbed by human beings.

Wholesale and Retail Salt Lamps

As a well reputed Rock Salt product manufacturer, we provide state of the art Natural Salt Lamps, White Salt Lamps, USB Himalayan Salt Lamps, White Crafted Salt Lamps, White Crafted Candle Holders, Crafted Salt Lamps, New Crafted Salt Lamps, Natural Salt Candle Holders, Wrought Iron Salt Lamps, Wrought Iron Candle Holders, Crafted Bowl Salt Lamps and Animals Salt Lamps. These lamps and candle holders are specially designed from solid salt. They are unique and precious. These lamps and holders became the most popular item in the whole world due to its unique manufacturing material.

Rock Salt can Be Used for halo-therapy

Halo-therapy is a special therapy by using solid salt, salt chunks and salt water. It is used by millions of people till date and it was invented in 12th century. The biggest halo therapy spa is present in Poland. It helps in the cure of allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases. We are also contributing our services in building top class Salt Caves & Therapy and Salt Room & Therapy portions. With the collaboration of our partners, we have been building the most mesmerizing, relieving salt saunas and salt caves in the whole world. The salt room therapy and salt cave therapy help in preventing many types of diseases such as:

Depression, anxiety, stress

ENT related diseases

High blood pressure, heart diseases

Eczema, psoriasis other related skin problems

Extreme function of thyroid gland

Ulcers, indigestion and duodenum ulcers.

Clean your Air with Halite Salt Lamp Lonizers

We are also producing the most relaxing and customized air ionizers. The Salt Oil Burners are available in different shapes and sizes. The benefits of salt oil burners are countless. It is a unique gift of nature, it helps in clarifying the air of the room, helps in the overall productivity of the person, it also helps to get rid of insomnia fatigue, stress and depression. The salt oil burners are made up of solid, pure natural salt, which has the ability to be absorbed in human body very easily.